Tourism in Belarus on farmsteads . Ecotourism .

  The Homestead "Otala" is located in the Gomel region, near the Berezina River in perfect for recreation and ecotourism, unspoiled edge of the destructive force of civilization, among the spectacular landscapes of lakes and necklaces.
Blue moss-covered forests around farmsteads rich in berries and mushrooms, wild.
  For comfortable and relaxing stay, guests have two-storey house in eco-style, built in 2013, with a large terrace, all amenities, with a fireplace, as well as Russian baths next to the house, which is set in a unique oven with healing stones.
  Interior captivates the spirit of antiquity and handmade furniture. Pottery will delight you with its beauty. A bar with a wide range of drinks.
  Pride of estates - the kitchen. Vacationers at Manor provides high quality full board with a choice of menu. Dishes are made with organic ingredients grown by in your own backyard farm.
  Berezina River (a tributary of the Dnieper) and lakes are rich in fish. Here are catching pike, walleye, soms, perch, bream, ide, chub and many other fish species. Recreational fishing can be with delivery on horseback. There is a possibility to organize a tent camp with a fire and fish soup.
In Belarus, the perfect places for recreation and ecotourism, and the manor "Otala" is one of the best such places.
  The friendly and welcoming hosts are ready to provide its guests a pleasant stay and a pastime. Even one day in our homestead - is a complete rest in body and soul! For more details about the services and our capabilities, see "services". And in the "Gallery" you can see pictures of the house, its interior decor, baths, as well as natural scenery around farmsteads.

  If you are planning an inexpensive vacation in Belarus on the weekend, in the private sector, or to come to Belarus on summer vacation or winter, at Christmas or New Year, family with children or with friends and colleagues - country house "Otala" will be an excellent choice !
There is every possibility of organizing corporate events, holidays and celebrations. Always look forward to you!

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