Maps and driving directions to farmsteads

Routes to to farmsteads most easily performed from the track Zhlobin H4342 route Zhlobin - Bol'shiye Rogi - Solonoye - Grabsk - Paporotnoe - Dobrogoscha.
In Dobrogoscha in most cases and should be plan a route because in most cases, interactive maps and GPS-navigators do not see the road from Dobrogoscha in Zabrodye and usually pave the detour route despite the fact that in the estate passes to the good road.
In Dobrogoscha need to turn onto Zabrodye. After passing Zabrodye, you will come to farmstead.
If you do not get your own transport, it is necessary to agree on the time and place of the meeting.
Driving Directions to farmstead through the Dobrogoscha Belarus
Homestead "Otala": 52°38'27.4"N 29°53'22.0"E
Intermediate point of the route - Dobrogoscha: 52°41'47.5"N 29°51'19.2"E
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